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YaSeeDee’s song THE SNOW is ranked in the “Top 10” songs of the 1.Berlin Song Contest and 1 of the most beautiful songs won the BSC AWARD..BSC.html

12.02.2014  YaSeeDee’s new song is among the top 20 songs at the 1st Berlin Song Contest

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Invited by Emergenza France as a Berlin based singer & composer, Chadi has been Judging the French Finalists coming from all over the country to Paris to fight for the title of Best French Band and to have the opportunity to fly to the International Finals in Rothemburg ob der Tauber Germany.
The amazing fact is that the winning young & talented band Obsolete Radio won also first place at the International Finals.

15/16.06.2013  Singer “Chadi” Judging at Emergenza’s Battle of the Bands at the French national Finals in Paris

Berlin: YaSeeDee will perform the “New Song” at O-Tonart-Theater-Berlin  for the Berlin Song Contest .

Together with 9 other Berlin based Artists.

Only few tickets are still available book now to support TICKETS

12.03.14 Next YaSeeDee’s Live Performance is scheduled for the next April 11-2014

Live in Berlin

Photo © Uwe Schumacher

Photo © Emergenza France

The title of YaSeeDee’s song nominated for the Berlin Song Contest is “THE SNOW”

In the Video you can listen to a preview of the song and to 9 other artists playing at the contest. Release date to be announced soon.

Berlin 24.04.14 Video Trailer containing a preview of YaSeeDee’s new song “THE SNOW”

YaSeeDee’s Video Presentation for BSC 2014

YaSeeDee goes to The Finals of the  1st


as Candidate for LICHTENRADE with the song

“THE SNOW”    Live at SchwuZ-Berlin -April 19

German Press : LICHTENRADE 12 points ?????http://www.abendblatt-berlin.de/2014/04/06/lichtenrade-twelve-points/

YaSeeDee Interview at RadioBerlin 88.8+The Snow ”Demo version”

YaSeeDee’s Video  Interview By Moderators Gisela Sommer & Chris Rudolf after the performance at the semifinals

11.04.14. YaSeeDee’s Live performance at O-Tonart-Theater-Berlin for the 1.BSC is online now.

The national German newspaper Süddeutsche also makes mentions of YaSeeDee in an article published on 17 April. It describes the band as the audience’s favourite at the second semi-final, and goes on to report how the artist performed a song about snow and how, with fascinating madness and like-ability, he couldn’t help but enthral an enthusiastic audience.

(süddeutsche zeitung says >>>Read in GERMAN)

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YaSeeDee enters  the Studio to work on the new material and the songs that will be included in the upcoming release.

The new song signed by YaSeeDee has been chosen to be part of the first Berlin Song Contest wich will be held in April.

YaSeeDee will perform for the first time “the new Song”-Title and Release date are  revealed soon.

New Ethno instrument + Traditional classical instruments are the heart of the song together with the voice of singer Chadi “YaSeeDee”


Saying a prayer to all the innocent civilians loosing their lives /


#Peace #StopWar


Electronic indian musician Kanishka Sarkar aka Ashram will be proudly the first featured artist in one of the new tracks which will be included in YaSeeDee’s upcoming record release.

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  Intensive “Berlin”Studio

  sessions with unseparable 

  middle eastern instruments.


Next sunday juin 7th 2015

singer Chadi  will be in Toulouse  France at Emergenza festival the biggest battle of the bands in the world for the south west finals as a Jury member.