19.04.14 YaSeeDee & the Snow for Lichtenrade


©Frank Hoffmann



YaSeeDee’s song THE SNOW was ranked in the “Top 10” songs of the 1.Berlin Song Contest 2014 and The national German newspaper Süddeutsche also

makes mentions of YaSeeDee in an article published on 17 April. It describes the band as the audience’s favourite at the second semi-final, and goes on to

report how the Lebanese artist performed a song about snow and how, with fascinating madness and like- ability, he couldn’t help but enthral an enthusiastic audience. >> WATCH VIDEO.

One of the most beautiful songs won The BSC AWARD which was delivered to the talented singer CARMEN UNDERWATER “The Jury’s prize” & “The public’s prize” went to Lili Sommerfeld with her catchy song-The war is over when we dance.

Congrats to the winners & to all the bands.

I am proud i shared this experience with such talented artists & with such beautiful songs.

THE FINAL SHOW 19.04.14 :

The Show was a wonderful celebration.

Ten songs with ten beautiful and different stories were performed to the warm & supportive audience.

Kriss Rudolf & Gisela Sommer were the 2 glittering stars of the evening.

(Es war toll und hat riesen SPASS gemacht - as Germans say)

**Despite the Technical issues with the sound monitors of all the band members on stage (they were completely off) and with Chadi’s microphone during the performance of YaSeeDee, ”The Snow”  was performed till the end.

We didn’t stop because “The show must go on” as Freddie Mercury sings.

Unfortunately these things sometimes happen in Big events too (we are all humans).

The most important thing  is that also this time i learned a lot of this worth experience & met awesome people - i can’t wait to perform again.

The back-Stage  “A BIG FAMILY” :

At the Backstage there weren’t Bands competing but a big family - brothers & sisters supporting each other.

The sound problem is forgettable but the good moments spent with beautiful people hugging, applauding & supporting each other before & after each performance is unforgettable.

Love you all “ finals & semifinals-same feeling ”

To all the 20 Bands & to The BSC:

I would like to thank all the bands and the BSC team with the first word/s coming to my mind while typing (in no specific order):

Naëma : The Magical.

Velonya : The Cool Rock.

Annika Silja Sesterhenn : The Sweet.

Maitri : The Classy.

Mädchen aus Berlin : The Rainbow.

Carmen Underwater : The Voice.

Flaex & Sero : The Rising Star.

Meyster Singer : The Inspiring Hearts.

Dirk Weidner : The Song Writer.

Michael-Hasenfratz : The Powerful.

Sarah : The Middle Eastern Diamond.

Lulu Schmidt : The Artist.

Lili Sommerfeld : The Peace.

Zargenbruch : The World.

Madlick : The Analog.

Jiga Berlin : The Futurist.

Christina Fielder : The Skilled.

Janko Danailow : The Coffee Break.

Duo Scheeselong : The Fascinating.


-The Best Moderators-

Kriss Rudolf : The King.

Gisela Sommer : The Queen of the Queens.

Jörn Hartmann : The Relaxing.

The Jury : Respect.(Thanks for the so appreciated comments)

The Audience : without you we are nothing.

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I would like to thank everyone who supported me and helped me in this :

My beloved Family & Friends (my fans are also my friends).

The Snow musicians : Mattia, Shasta, Francesco & Alex. “ So proud i had musicians like you by my side”

My old band in Italy.

Everyone who came to the 2 Shows.

Tina - “costume designer” & problem solver.

Kaddi & Jacopo Castellano for the semifinals-live-video shooting & editing.

My flatmates and neighbours for helping & never complaining about the loud sound.

Ana Bel, La Laura, Ode for your availability & friendship.

Sangeeta & all my friends from VHS.

The BSC Team, O-Tonart-Theater, Radio-Berlin88.8. , Schwuz .

and special thanks to www.estense.com (I will always love Cappellacci) 




Till next dream.